Zacapa Tasting & Blending session

By: admin 07 April 2014

On Monday 31st of March we had the chance to learn more about a fabulous Premium spirit called Zacapa, very appreciated by many connoisseurs around the world.

Zacapa is considered the best aged rum in the world and Mario Navarro, the Zacapa Global Ambassador and Robert Pallone, the Zacapa National Ambassador, came to Chicago to lead a Tasting & Blending session.

Zacapa 23 is aged in four different types of barrels and the XO in five, which is quite unique and rare. Usually a whiskey, a scotch or a cognac is aged in one, perhaps two different barrels but four or five is not a standard. So we had the chance to taste rums aged in the different barrels used during the Zacapa complexed aged process.

At the end of the presentation bartenders and sommeliers from different Chicago bars and restaurants have been invited to make their own Zacapa blend. We had rums aged in american whiskey or in sherry or in french oak barrels that held cognac before... For one night we were a rum Master Blender. Very funny experience I must say.

So next time when you visit a good cocktail bar order a Zacapa Old Fashion or a Zacapa Daiquiri or just a Zacapa on the rocks. Zacapa is so complexed and smooth that it can be also be enjoyed neat! So salud!


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