Wedding Trade Show

By: admin 25 November 2013

On November 17th at the Marriott Ohare Hotel, Laurel Bridal held its annual Wedding fair.

Couples had a chance learn about companies in the industry such as videos, photos , limousines, florists , bakers, jewelers, cosmetologist, and hair salons

The artistic part of the show was headlined with wedding dresses from Laurel Beata Wólczyńska, arranged with the cooperation from Olga Balcerowska and Marta Gold ( Gallery of Hair) Zig Zag (Hair) and Bogus Kraut and Monika Magiera ( make-up ) .

Music was provided by FOX group, along with DJ Majk .

Winner of the grand prize wedding dress was Catherine Janas. (Donated by Laurel Bridal)
Winner of the wedding rings was Sylwia Pula (Donated by Archer Gold)


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