The Passion of Tango de Buenos Aires

By: admin 22 October 2013

The Passion of Tango de Buenos Aires.

­­­­Organized by Irene Sirota, Friday October 4th, the Passion of Argentine Tango came to Chicago! 

To the sounds of Bandaneon, passionate singing and sensual dancing, the audience were transported to the romantic streets of Buenos Ares. Combined with the sumptuous flavors of a gourmet meal created by LaMirage Banquets, the evening featured world Renowned  Argentine Tango Masters Giorgina Vargos & Oscar Mandagaran, performing together with Daniel Noce and Ramona Nita, one of the most experienced and skilled tango couple in the United States. It was an evening of non-stop entertainment, dinner show followed by social dancing with DJ Kesh.

OSCAR MANDAGARAN, 1989 runner-up at the Malambo Argentino National Festival  of the Malambo de Laborde (Cordoba). Born in Posadas, Misiones, he started his professional career as an Argentine Folk Dancer in 1983, at first in Posadas, and later at the age of eighteen in Buenos Aires.  There, in 1990, he joined the cast of the National Ballet Folklorico directed by Norma Viola and Santiago Ayala, “El Chucaro”.  He traveled all over Argentina, as well as other South American countries like Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Paraguay with that company between 1990 and 1996.  During that same time studied at the Instituto Nacional de Danzas Folkloricas Argentinas, earning the following titles:  National Professor of Dance, Performer of Latin American Dances, and Arqueology and Anthropology Technician.

Between 1990 and 1997, Oscar was also a cast member of some of the best shows, such as “Tango de Buenos Aires”, “Tango Mio”, “La Ventana”, “Senor Tango”, “Entre Borges Y Piazzolla, and he also played a part in Carlos Saura’s film “TANGO”.

In 1997, he joined the cast of Luis Bravo’s  “FOREVER TANGO”,  doing his debut on Broadway.   With this show he performed in the theatres of the most important cities of the world like Japan, Korea, England, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico and the United States.  He also debuted at the “Teatro Colon” in Buenos Aires with this troop.  He remains with the company until 2003, while at the same time performing with Luis Bravo’s show “MALAMBO”, doing his debut in the city of San Francisco, California.

Concurrent with his journey as a tango dancer, he developed his career as Maestro and Choreographer of Tango, teaching in the city of Buenos Aires and abroad.  His own personal style of dancing is highly appreciated among other Tango professionals and milongueros .  Oscar is able to transmit all of his energy and passion for the Tango to his students.  He shares with great precision all his secrets of the dance with them, including all the aspects of his technique, his musicality, his embrace and his essence.

Throughout his entire career as a Maestro of Tango, he has traveled over the entire world teaching workshops, and taking his extraordinary passion and energy, which characterize him, to every corner of the world.

GEORGINA VARGAS, milonguera, dancer and Tango singer, was born in Montevideo, Uruguay.  She was grew up along the dual borders of the Rios de la Plata.  She began her studies as a ballet and contemporary dancer, while later in her adolescence ,  she was introduced to the Tango through the milongas of the nights of Buenos Aires.  From 1999 to 2005 she lived and taught in Rome, Italy, where she established her School of Tango.  It was in this city that she developed her activities as a dancer and teacher in Europe and Japan.

As Tango Singer in 2006 she recorded her first CD “Por Aquellos Tangos” and since 2000 she was in many Tango Shows in Argentina and all around the world like “Sabor a Tango”, “Boulevar Tango”, “Por Siempre Tango” ecc...

Her passion as a stage dancer and Tango singer comes from her intense vocation as a teacher.  Throughout her career she developed a very precise women’s technique program, through which every woman may easily show off her femininity in her stiletto heels.

For OSCAR and GEORGINA, one magic night like so many of the magical nights in the city of Buenos Aires, the tango provided an encounter for them on the dance floor at a milonga “bien portena” at “Nino Bien”.  Every since then they have traveled the world over together enjoying their profound feeling and delightful style charged with poetry. Their rapid union as a tango partnership with a well defined style, allowed them to expand their talent as dancers, teachers and choreographers in different parts of the world.  They try to transmit their love of the Tango in its pure form and profound essence through their dancing, their teaching and their artistic generosity.  With their great sensitivity and magnetism, this couple stirs in everyone who sees them a flood if emotions.  Today they are recognized as one of the best tango couples on an international level, as is demonstrated by their extensive tours throughout the world”.

Daniel Noce and Ramona Nita are internationally known performers and instructors/choreographers of the Argentine Tango. They manage their company “Tango Che Productions”,,  which they started together in 2006 in Chicago. They produce shows and special events, run a tango school and travel within the USA, Argentina and Europe to teach and perform. Partners since 2006, they specialize in teaching traditional style and performance style tango, milonga, and vals. Their profound knowledge of technique and movement and their ability to teach their students in a clear and structured manner is a result of a lifetime of intense training and performance experience. Both began to pursue their dance careers at an early age.

Daniel began with Argentine Folklore at the age of 4, then later during his teens, turned his focus to tango. He danced and traveled throughout Europe with the University of Buenos Aires Dance Company and  obtained his B.A. from the “Instituto Nacional de Profesores de Folklore” in Buenos Aires. He studied with the most important tango and folkore masters of Buenos Aires such as Chucaro, Rodolfo Dinzel, Carlos Rivarolla, Carlos Copes, Mingo Pugliese, Miguel Angel Zotto, Susana Miller, Omar Vega and many more. He has been teaching tango and folklore for over 20 years.
During his 20s, he was performing in the most prestigious tango theatres and tango venues in Buenos Aires and was one of the dancers featured in Allan Parker’s film, “Evita”.  Daniel later wrote and directed his own tango show,"Entre Tango y Tango", which told the story of tango through the dance and featured in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay. He moved to the United States in early 2005.

Ramona’s elegant and sensual style stems from extensive training and performance experience in gymnastics, modern dance, jazz, and ballet from early childhood until she reached college. Her professional dance career began at the age of 13 with a well known Chicago dance company, the Joel Hall Dancers, when Mr. Hall offered her a full dance scholarship. Four years later she was a company member. In her late teens, her interests began to include Latin and ballroom dancing, which she performed professionally and instructed for a few years. When she met Daniel, he introduced her and trained her in the Argentine tango.

Argentine Tango is not just a combination of pretty steps… It is a fusion of human emotions – passion, love, happiness, seduction, betrayal, jealousy, anger, sorrow, laughter and tears…interpreted uniquely by each individual person and expressed on the dance floor.  It’s essence the relationship between two people.




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