Elizabeth Margulis: The Inside Scoop on Chicago's Most Driven Stylist BY BECKY YEKER

By: admin 23 December 2015

Stylist Elizabeth Margulis’ vibrant aura is what makes her stand out in a competitive industry of fashion-obsessed young people. Her eclectic style, verging on both edgy and classy, gives her wide-range of cultural knowledge a place to thrive. With her Eastern European background and mentality, she takes on the fashion world by storm through her brand Big Hair Big City.


Where are you from?

Chicago. We’re from Kiev originally, but have lived in Chicago for the last 30 years. My mom owns a medical supply company and my dad owns a jewelry store in Chicago.


What was your first introduction to styling?

My mom’s love for fashion.

While she got into the medical field to support me, she always surrounded me with her love for fashion, and often found me dressed up in her clothes as a kid. Her and Helen Berkun, another Russian stylist and photographer, let me assist her for about four years. She showed me the ropes behind the industry, the importance of public relations, communication, how to deal with companies, how to be professional.

I wouldn’t be where I am right now without her and my mom


Do you feel like having a Russian background molds your style into something more unique and authentic?

My background, heritage, and how I was raised gives me an edge that other stylists don’t have. My style has my roots embedded into it.

What kind of people do you want to work with? Who are you inspired by?

Well, most work is based on referrals.

But, I am going to be the mix of Rachel Zoe and BlondeSalad (Chiara Ferragni)

I love that Rachel Zoe created an empire. I want to have style clients like Rihanna and W Magazine.


What’s your goal as a stylist?

With styling, regardless of whether you realize it, you are making a statement. I want to make positive statements, whether they’re out of the box, or inside of it.


How does being Russian impact your goals/dreams? Does it?

I’m inspired by my family’s determination to make something of themselves here in America. I’m inspired to make it bigger than what they made for themselves, bigger for my own future family and for myself.


What are your goals with Big Hair Big City?

To make Chicago be known for more than just food.

Since it’s not overflowing with stylists and photographers and artists, we have more opportunities to make ourselves bigger.

But, Big Hair Big City doesn’t mean just Chicago, it means every city.


What’s your ideal future like?

I’m going to be the brand ambassador for various brands.

I want to have a say in what’s going on in the fashion world.


What can you say to aspiring fashion bloggers, stylists, models, and designers?

Don’t give up. You have to be open to all the different experiences that are going to come your way. You have to be hungry, but not thirsty. Find random models, style yourself, find beginners, do it without a reward at first. The reward, in the beginning, is completing the shoot in general and for yourself.


Photos by: Christopher Andrew  & Steven Sampang




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