A day in Capri

By: admin 30 December 2015




By Alice Smelyansky

Tucked away in the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the Amalfi coast, lies an island with waters so blue and clear you might forget where the sky ends and the water begins. With a lavish beach, scenic views and luxury cars and boutiques, you can find a piece of Italian paradise on the island of Capri. Though there’s plenty to be charmed by in Capri, consider these attractions for a perfect getaway vacation:


Blue Grotto

Start your day off with a visit to arguably Capri’s most breathtaking grotto, the “Blue Grotto.” Depart from Marina Grande on a group or private tour boat and make sure to get off the boat when you see a tiny cave with a sign that says, “Grotta Azzurra.” For 13 euros, allow yourself to become enchanted by the most turquoise waters you’ve ever seen.


Monte Solaro Chairlift

Once you return to the Marina Grande, take a bus (for about 20 minutes) into the town of Anacapri. If it’s a more comfortable ride you seek, opt for one of the island’s trendy white taxis with orange and purple velour seating. Once you reach Anacapri, for 10 euros you can ride the Monte Solaro chairlift.


Monte Solaro Summit

Up at the top of the summit, you won’t be disappointed by the view before you. From this location, you can see the Bays of Naples and Salerno, not to mention Capri’s iconic Faraglioni, the three large rock formations just off the island’s coast.


Lemon Granita

Before you leave the island, you must stop to try the most delicious semi-frozen Italian sweet treat, granita, at the best stand in Capri. Chiosco Tizzano di Natalia e Antonio Tizzano is the name, but if a long Italian name is difficult to remember, here are some easy-to-follow directions:  walk past the Quissisanna Hotel and turn right into the Caeser Augustus Gardens. Whether you try a classic granita or coconut gelato, you can’t go wrong.



Just as the sun is about to set, take a boat back from the island to see a beautiful sunset and capture the mystical Faraglioni rocks in your picture.


Photos by: Alice Smelyansky


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