35th International Young Adult Interactive Event, HORA-TRACK

By: admin 04 February 2015

35th International Young Adult Interactive Event, HORA-TRACK – athletic dance training of dynamic concentration of attention, prevention of the decision fatigue @ UIC Forum, April 25th @ 6:00pm Chicago, IL 


More and more, young adults are unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle and active social life due to increasing pressures at school, work and  home. According to research ability to maintain concentration has direct correlation to the probability of success. Practice HORA USA (www.horausa.com) will present 35th International Young Adult Interactive Event to teach young people a new athletic training of dynamic concentration of attention, as a method of preventing the decision fatigue and reliance on substances as a relief. The event, to be held @ UIC Forum, Chicago, IL on Friday, April 25, 2015 @ 6:00 pm.

Current social environment demands “always on” rapid mental and physical capacity to support constant decision making related to personal and professional life. Making various decisions, one after another, exhausts and depletes human psyche, leading to decision fatigue and less optimal choices on subsequent decisions.

“Training of evolutionary trance meditative attention is to train ability to immerse into oneself and at the same time being present in life demanding activities in business. This is where a person is learning to mobilize his/her attention and focus to the maximum for the specific task, but at the same time resides in the correct inner place which does not burnout physically, emotionally. Via HORA-TRACK Interactive Athletic Dance individual trains an evolutionary meditative mobilization™ and concentration of attention, this is where he/she develops beneficial interconnection between brain, body and nervous system. It removes tensions, reduces biological cost of concentration, build up psycho physical endurance and willpower,” said Tatiana Fedotova, leader of HORA-TRACK Athletic Dance training.

For young adults the training of HORA-TRACK can prevent development of negative habits, dependencies on substances, excessive drinking and self-belittlement.

Before this negative lifestyle becomes a way of life, HORA-TRACK training offers an alternative and natural choice that will build self-sufficiency, self-confidence, increase energy, and remove tension. HORA-TRACK is a new type of social meet-up, as well as a fun and productive training for natural health. No substances are needed to achieve these benefits, thus HORA-TRACK, is anti-exhaustion and anti-substance event.

Evolutionary Creation vs. Self-Destruction
Training of physical & intellectual endurance
Trance-Evolutionary Meditative Dance

Be part of the movement!


Saturday, April 25th, 2015 @ 6:00 p.m.
UIC Forum 725 W. Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 60608
35th International Young Adult Interactive Event

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