About Us

Reklama Connect is one of the fastest growing Russian digital magazine in the Chicago land area. This publication caters to the Russian speaking communities in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. It is also one of the few Russian publications with English editorials and sections, allowing for an unparalleled opportunity to remain a part of the community for assimilated Russians. The English sections also provides a way for businesses to work with the Russian community without the need for Russian-speaking employees

Reklama Connect was established with one purpose in mind; to offer Russian speaking readers, particularly those with interests in and around Chicago, with a Magazine style publication that represents a unique mix of Chicago affairs, cultural events, everyday topics, entertainment news, sports, dining reviews, and community events. Contributing writers represent many fields of interest and provide a wealth of professional expertise and experience. Reklama Connect is sponsoring a variety of cultural and community events aimed at sustaining and growing the Russian speaking community in Chicago and its suburbs. Our goal is to provide all this for the consumer while enabling and supporting profitable relationships between Russian and American partners